We want to amaze people by using the potential of technology for the benefit of the planet.
We want to use the potential of technology to shape a new, more sustainable reality together.
We want our creativity and innovation to power the lifestyle of the future, change cities, counteract climate change, and drive people and businesses.
For years, we have been taking key actions on many important social and environmental issues. We do not start from scratch: we have the most sustainable business model, which is appreciated by both our customers and business partners. We support the professional activity of women and the achievements of athletes. We implement solutions reducing CO2 emissions and improve the efficiency of logistics. We have created a comprehensive Sustainable Development Strategy to provide a framework for our activities and to set clear goals for the future. These are not only the structural programs and initiatives that we intend to implement, but also the development of our corporate governance concept, which will shape our relations with external and internal stakeholders.
We are an essential element in the value chains of key brands. Thanks to our attractive offer addressed to customers and business partners, we contribute to the creation of a new market, as well as guarantee a greater variety of products, convenience, and time savings.
We are committed to harnessing the potential of emerging technology to tackle climate change. The carbon footprint of each parcel delivered to one of our parcel lockers is lower than that of a parcel delivered traditionally to a home address up to 75% on average. We do not stop there. We were one of the first companies on the Polish market to join the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We intend to achieve full climate neutrality by 2040 and within 5 years we will fully close the cycle of raw materials in our own operations.
We exert influence on a huge scale and thus have a comensurate potential for good. We want innovation to become a distinctive feature of the InPost Group in all markets in which we operate. We are aware that when it comes to combating climate change, a lot depends on the involvement of customers and building appropriate habits, which is why we want to educate and inspire customers and our business partners.
Pillars of InPost Group's ESG Strategy
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WE change

the lifestyle of tomorrow

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WE motivate

our employees and business partners

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We deliver


low-carbon e-commerce

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WE change

the lifestyle of tomorrow
  • 81% of consumers declare that they would be more likely to buy a given brand if it would allow for the recycling of its packaging or the entire product
  • 68% of older consumers believe that buying through e-commerce is easy

People are at the heart of our business. It is for them that we want to become better every day.

We leverage the potential of technology to give everyone the opportunity to enter a sustainable future today. At the reach of your hand. For everyone. We create new solutions and transform the reality that surrounds us, because we believe that technology will allow us to become increasingly effective and make our clients' lives simpler and more comfortable.

We inspire others with our vision. We gather people similar to us, with vision, passion, and commitment, looking for new challenges. Together, we break down barriers and strengthen local communities to build new cities together.

Goals until 2026:

  1. Introducing at least two solutions a year to support sustainable consumer practices
  2. InPost is customers' first choice (industry leading NPS in all markets)
  3. 2 million participants in community involvement programs affected by positive change
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WE motivate

our employees and business partners
  • 72% of Generation Z say they will not work for a company they consider unsustainable

If we want to change our world, we must first change people. Provide them with knowledge, competence, faith in their skills, and the energy to share their experience with others. This applies to us, as well as to our business partners. We want to create and grow with them. We want to look for innovations and ideas together and exchange knowledge. Diversity is a power of change, while technology allows us all to be closer and work better.

Every day we draw upon openness and readiness to take up new challenges and cross borders. We develop as people and as companies. Together we amaze the world.

We set the goal of transforming the scale of our impact and the multiplicity of relationships with employees and business partners into the main driving force of our business:

  • we plan to create development and cooperation programs for employees and business partners, including couriers, so as to strengthen our bonds and respond to the challenges of the labour market;
  • our goal is to increase the satisfaction of our employees and business partners, because their skills and commitment translate directly into the position of the InPost Group.


Goals until 2026:

  1. Employee involvement not lower than 50% (according to Kincentric methodology)
  2. We will employ 1,000 employees and couriers as a result of the implementation of programs of equalizing opportunities on the labor market
  3. We create a workplace that thrives on diversity. Strong support for gender equality is a foundation for our growth (30% of the Management Board and N-1 of the InPost Group are women by 2026)
We deliver


low-carbon e-commerce
  • 81% of people worldwide are worried about climate change
  • 86% expect business to take an active role in fighting the climate crisis

The amazing thing about technology is its ability to constantly improve. Its continuous improvement and optimization allow for setting ambitious goals even in such a complex area as stopping climate change and adapting to the climate.

Technology allows us to minimize, or even reduce, and at the same time to transform and give new meanings. We use these opposing forces to face the challenge of decarbonising and closing the raw materials cycle. Wherever we are, we change our reality to ensure that our presence is climate neutral. We redefine the meaning of products and materials - we give them a second life. This way, we not only protect the planet, but also care for our common quality of life.

In the strategy, we emphasize our desire to develop the company without having a negative impact on the environment:

  • as part of the InPost Green City program, which is present in 21 cities, we take initiatives to minimize our impact on the environment (e.g. we install air quality sensors, successively transition to an electric vehicle fleet);
  • thanks to the Parcel Locker delivery business model, our growth contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint compared to traditional courier deliveries by up to 75%
  • our ambition is to achieve full climate neutrality in all markets in which we operate.


Goals until 2026:

  1. We declare to be NET ZERO until 2040 in scopes 1,2 and 3 in accordance with SBTi
  2. By 2024, 100% of packaging in in-house operations will be made from recyclable materials

UN Sustainable Development Goals


As we want to contribute to the ongoing global transformation towards a sustainable and equal future for all, our strategy relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These goals are an urgent call to action for all countries - developed and developing - to stand together to fight for a better future in a global partnership.

As part of the strategy, we have identified areas in which we can have a real impact and use our strengths and experience to create solutions and build programs supporting, among others, combating climate change, gender equality, improving the quality of life in cities, or combating the geographical exclusion of rural areas.


We implement various initiatives for the environment

  • we were the first on the market to introduce a test of environmentally friendly reusable packaging for e-commerce (together with MODIVO, a fashion e-commerce platform of the company eobuwie.pl, belonging to the CCC group)
  • we run a unique InPost Green City program, in which we minimize our carbon footprint in the largest Polish cities in cooperation with local governments
  • we install air quality sensors on Parcel Lockers
  • we take part in cleaning actions in Polish mountains and the Baltic Sea
  • we are intensively expanding our electric fleet and a network of EV chargers located near Parcel Lockers
  • we invest in renewable energy
  • we introduce "green" standards in cooperation with business partners
  • we have introduced recycled packaging, incl. some with the Blue Angel certificate


We create social value

  • we introduce amenities for people with limited mobility in Parcel Lockers
  • we support the collection of shoes for the homeless
  • we support women in business
  • we run mental health awareness campaigns for our employees
  • we care about the health of our employees through prevention


We are transparent

  • we have made public all the policies and codes that regulate the work and management of the InPost Group (from anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies to the code of ethics for employees)
  • we submit to ESG ratings

Our Partnerships

UN Global Compact - the largest global initiative bringing together companies and institutions actively operating in the field of sustainable development. Since its inception in 2000 by the UN Secretary General, it currently has over 10,000 members from all over the world.
Science Based Targets (SBTi) - this widely recognized platform for climate neutrality was created at the initiative of CDP, the UN Global Compact, WWF, and the World Resources Institute (WRI). It sets out a scientific methodology and standardized approach to decarbonization.
EVCOM - part of the "EVE" program (voluntary environmental commitments) implemented in France with the support of the Ministry of the Environment. The initiative brings together companies involved in the organization and transport of goods, setting ambitious goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
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