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We help others

Responsibility and respect are enshrined in our values, which is why we are happy to help others by engaging in charitable initiatives. We support Polish families in a difficult financial situation with one of the largest Polish charity projects - Szlachetna Paczka (The Noble Gift). We fight against digital exclusion through logistical support. We help many organizations and institutions for which the present time is extremely difficult financially and logistically. We believe that people are the most important thing and that doing good always brings you good in turn.

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Equality in diversity

We value cooperation and mutual respect. We inspire and motivate each other, because we believe that the team is the most important thing. Creative and talented employees are our strength - we provide them with space for development and a sustainable working environment. We run mentoring programmes, organise training sessions, celebrate successes on company trips together and experience the joy of sport as part of the Poland Business Run or Runmageddon.

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Our services in the COVID-19 era

Customer safety is an absolute priority for us. During the pandemic, we introduced a number of important changes in our processes and communication which have made us a great choice for all those who expect safe non-contact sending and delivery. We continue to monitor the situation and respond and are fighting coronavirus together: we funded a mobile epidemiological point (CareBox), donated hundreds of thousands masks to Polish hospitals and gave logistic support to deliver portable respirators as part of VentilAid project.

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Healthy competition is in our DNA

We are a company that has sports, healthy competition and fair play in its genes. We support a group of athletes in achieving their goals and in fulfilling their sporting dreams. The InPost SportTeam includes athletes from various disciplines, but all of them display discipline, persistence and consistency. We are with them for good and bad - when they win and when they are still on their way to the goal. Together we form one team.