We believe that creating and sharing value with our stakeholders is about more than just financial returns.

Through our sustainable proposition, we have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to tackling climate change and reducing emissions. For example, the carbon footprint of a parcel delivered to a parcel locker in Poland is up to 75% lower than for the same package delivered by a courier, based on the InPost carbon footprint calculator2 . And using one of our lockers means there are fewer vehicles on the road, reducing traffic, accident risk and noise.

We are proud to contribute to the communities in which we live and work. As well as helping with socioeconomic development, we make an indirect contribution to the prosperity of our communities through various initiatives such as our InPost Green City programme and employee volunteering.

InPost offers fulfilling careers and a range of competitive benefits for employees. We also invest in providing training opportunities for their personal and professional development and are dedicated to promoting employee wellbeing. At the same time, we provide tools and systems to make work and decision-making easier and more efficient.

A strong and increasing NPS of 81 in Poland for parcel machines highlights the value we bring to our customers. The service we provide is shaped by a deep understanding of customer needs and our commitment to an exceptional experience in the delivery market. The convenience of our APMs combined with a service that is inexpensive, easy to use, and fast ensures we stand out in the market.

Our partners also benefit from contented consumers and the added value we provide through data-driven insights and innovative technology that reduces their operational costs and drives efficiency from billing to stock management.


We want to provide to our employees systems and tools to support their everyday work in delivering the best service to our customers and partners. Agata Jach Head of HR