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Our success in creating one of the world’s most energy efficient e-commerce markets in Poland embodies our uniqueness as a merchant and consumer facing service specialist and brand.  The fact that lockers are not prevalent in many other markets is not a reflection of their merit, rather it reflects a status quo view that to-door’s lack of automation, costly economics and environmental outcomes is a cost worth bearing to facilitate growth. Our 9.6m highly satisfied active app users in Poland are a precursor of what is to come. Our Mission statement is extremely tangible and fully aligned with our operational trajectory.  It is nothing less than “Leveraging our success with automated lockers in Poland, we seek to redefine the consumer experience, economics and sustainability of Europe’s e-commerce last mile”.

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Through automation, InPost is transforming the economics, consumer convenience and sustainability of Europe’s high touch and costly e-commerce last mile. With our dramatically reduced requirement for vehicles vs to-door delivery, Poland is one of the world’s most energy efficient e-commerce markets thanks to nearly one of every two parcels going through our lockers.

While retailers clearly benefit from significantly improved economics, our core proposition is a very powerful consumer facing experience and brand. We provide consumers a high quality service in close proximity to their daily routines, which drives superior convenience as consumers take full control of pick up times. Unlike to-door and parcel pick up points, this service is highly standardized, leading us to have consumer net promoter scores on another level vs to-door operators.

Unlike a traditional logistics business, we offer access to a customer base. Coupled with much more economic entry point than to-door delivery, this means we are lowering the barrier for merchants to compete in e-commerce.

Our 2021 acquisition of pan European out of home delivery specialist Mondial Relay provides an exceptional opportunity to gain market share with merchants in France and across other key European markets as we improve the quality of delivery times for existing Mondial consumers. Beyond this we have long runway of growth and margin gain as we reduce costs and raise consumer satisfaction through automation.

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Consumer satisfaction
Our elevated NPS demonstrates a consumer loyalty that cannot be matched by to-door providers who fail to give consumers full control of pick up times. We are not a commodity service,  we are a differentiated e-commerce enabler that provides a large pool of highly satisfied and sticky consumers to existing and aspiring e-commerce merchants.
Cost competitiveness
Retailers almost inevitably focus on costs and automation to get the consumer to do more. But most of Europe’s e-commerce last mile remains a high touch, non-automated high cost service that disappeared in mass market retail decades ago. Concentrating and automating the collection point dramatically improves economics for merchants. Crucially we do it in a way that many consumers prefer to higher cost alternatives.
Inflation winner
The cost burden of delivery for e-commerce businesses has largely taken a back seat to growth aspirations during the past decades of low inflation. With inflation now painfully driving delivery costs higher, retailers are increasingly motivated to find solutions. With our fixed cost base and operating leverage, our structural cost gap vs to-door peers is widening even faster with inflation.
High financial returns
With high levels of consumer stickiness, automation and operating leverage, we have considerable pricing power vs largely variable to-door delivery. Our first mover advantage and giving consumers an all in one pick up point for every merchant, allows us capacity to price largely vs our less efficient to-door peers. This provides healthy and sustainable returns in Poland, and a trajectory to build non-commoditized margins in key European markets should we replicate the moat from our Polish first mover advantage.
We offer the most environmentally and socially sustainable scalable last mile solution. The capacity for our couriers to delivery 6-8x the parcel numbers of a to-door courier means comparable reductions per parcel in vehicle numbers, fuel, noxious emissions, CO2, but also congestion, traffic speed and crucially, road safety. One of our machines saves as much C02 in a day as 9 large trees do in a full year while 54m fewer liters of fuel were used in Poland than would have been the case if to-door was used instead of our lockers.
E-commerce plus growth potential
The ease of use means InPost customers tend to grow intensity of usage beyond the overall sector. Coupled with increased densification of our network and the ecosystem of our high intensity app users, we have scope for continued market share gains in Poland. Improving the experience of our large out of home customer base in France, Iberia and the Benelux creates significant cross border opportunities to gain share with pan-European merchants, many of which use us in Poland. In the UK, our highly differentiated returns driven growth is proving highly successful with fashion retailers, whose young demographic aligns well with our long term opportunity in that large market.
Financial highlights
PLN million, unless otherwise stated 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Weighted avarage
number of
ordinary shares1
18,571,298 18,571,298 18,571,298 508,772,013 500,000,000 500,000,000
EPS1 -13.86 -1.09 2.74 0.70 0.98 0.91
PLN million, unless otherwise stated 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Revenue 497.1 736.9 1,242.6 2,528.1 4,602.2 7,079.1
Reported EBITDA 18.4 109.7 350.1 983.6 1,436.1 1,914.4
Adjusted EBITDA2 21.4 113.5 351.8 993.7 1,626.4 1,961.4
EBIT -65.2 -36.7 128.6 627.5 826.4 942.1
Net profit -109.6 0.3 54.0 351.5 491.3 456.5
CAPEX 153.9 135.7 319.7 536.5 935.6 1,115.7

1 In years 2017-2019 values provided are for Integer.pl S.A. In the years going forward values provided are for InPost S.A. In 2021 each Integer.pl S.A. share was converted to 28.5 InPost S.A. shares.
2 Adjusted EBITDA facilitates period-to-period comparisons by removing the impact of its asset base (Amortisation and Depreciation) or capital/financing structure (Net financial costs), but also impact of expenses arising from the Management Incentive Plan (MIP) or any other employee incentive plans that will follow and costs related to certain material transactions such as IPO or M&A processes, which the management of the Group considers not related to day to day operations.

Certain figures presented above, including financial information, have been subject to rounding adjustments. Accordingly, in certain instances, the sum of percentage change of the number presented above may not conform exactly to the total figure given.


InPost is pursuing it’s strategy to drive sustainable long-term growth through data and technology.

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