InPost is proud to present the latest results of Kantar research, which clearly show that InPost is the best-recognised parcel delivery brand (indicated by as many as 98% of the surveyed Internet users) and the best-known parcel machine delivery company (97% of indications). The results speak for themselves!


·       94% of respondents choose Parcel Locker InPost as their delivery method,

·       83% choose Parcel Locker InPost as their delivery method,

·       81% consider Parcel Locker InPost the most environmentally friendly delivery method.


Our InPost Mobile application already has over 11 million active users, and as many as 90% of respondents are satisfied with its performance. The willingness to recommend Parcel Locker InPost devices (NPS indicator) is expressed by as many as 80% of Internet users.


InPost is undoubtedly the strongest brand in terms of image. Our most vital points are innovative technological solutions, timely deliveries and a reputation that others might envy us. All this makes us grow constantly in Poland and across Europe.

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