Microenterprises get more ways to ship parcels to customers

"Micro Enterprise 150" is InPost’s newest and most affordable subscription plan. The company set out to create a flexible, innovative and customer-friendly offer. Order placement and complete service are fully available online.

The new plan is perfect for customers just starting their e-commerce business adventure, i.e. those who send 10 to 20 packages per month. Like the two more expansive offers from the InPost service offer, "Micro Enterprise 150" guarantees customers a fixed price for the duration of the contract, including for parcel locker and courier shipments. The plan is priced at only PLN 150 per month, making it attractive to new entrepreneurs.

InPost always puts flexibility and innovation first. We are often the first to implement changes that dynamically impact the e-commerce market. With the "Micro Enterprise 150" subscription offer, we provide micro-entrepreneurs with a key development tool to support them in reaching a wide range of customers. At the same time, it is the most economical and environmentally-friendly form of delivery, chosen by 94% [1] of Poles using online shopping platforms. We believe this solution will help microenterprises grow their wings," comments Dagmara Brzezińska, Member of the InPost Management Board.

"Micro Enterprise 150" is available as part of a 24-month plan. Like other subscription plans, it can be selected from the service directory on the InPost website. To order, simply fill out the online form and choose a preferred parcel dispatch location. A cost simulator is also available at this stage. The process takes no more than three minutes to complete. An InPost sales representative will confirm service activation within 24 hours after order submission. The opportunity to cancel before the third settlement period is an additional benefit.

The offer is available entirely online. Customers can use convenient and safe Autenti technology to sign the form electronically. This paperless solution saves time and helps in the fight against climate change.
[1] According to the report of the Kantar research agency from 2022, 94% of Poles choose the InPost parcel locker as a form of delivery.

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