Mondial Relay repositions its brand in France, presents a new product offer and sets up 1000 Paczkomat Parcel Lockers

InPost, the European e-commerce delivery platform leader, is rebranding Mondial Relay by introducing its InPost brand to the Spanish and Portuguese markets while communicating a new brand image of Mondial Relay in France and the Benelux countries. The change continues the company's strategy of introducing modern and ecological logistics solutions for e-commerce customers in last-mile deliveries. It is also a strategic step in the Group's European development and an extension of services that, through innovative solutions and technology, revolutionized the supply market in Poland.

"The InPost Group's integration will systematically implement the most innovative solutions in new markets. This also applies to the InPost brand, which is synonymous with the quality of services provided, and has been successfully developed in Poland, Great Britain and Italy. It will also be launched on the Spanish and Portuguese markets at the beginning of July. In France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the InPost Group will be developed under the Mondial Relay brand with a modernized image, where the brand is known for its optimistic and very consumer-friendly approach to users. This is in line with the strategy of the InPost Group, which is  consistently implemented in all markets," says Rafał Brzoska, InPost founder and CEO.

Parcel locker butterfly effect
In July 2021, when InPost took over Mondial Relay (France: 12,000 PUDO), the market leader in out of home (OOH) and alternative delivery points (PUDO - Pick-Up and Drop-Off), it became Europe's largest e–commerce delivery platform. Introduction of the InPost brand in Spain and Portugal and the Mondial Relay brand refresh entail implementation of a number of pro-consumer solutions, the development of a network of parcel collection points, as well as, above all, accelerated expansion of the innovative parcel machine network existing in Poland under the name Paczkomat ® InPost in all markets, both under the InPost and Mondial Relay brands.

Know–how transfer to France and Spain
Mondial Relay employs 1,300 people, has four hubs and 26 regional agencies in France. In 2021 alone, the company delivered over 140 million parcels.
Thanks to the transfer of InPost know–how, Mondial Relay has significantly expanded its offer with a network of Paczkomaty® parcel lockers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and by setting up 1,000 Paczkomaty in France in July this year. Thus, a growing group of Mondial Relay customers can benefit from a convenient and environmentally friendly form of collection and shipment.
E-commerce partners such as Decathlon, Lidl or Zara (Inditex) are also taking advantage of the implemented innovations. Thanks to the new Mondial Relay Express service, business customers and end users will be guaranteed next-day delivery. This will increase the competitiveness of InPost and Mondial Relay customers, as +2 day or +3 day deliveries are the standard in France for the vast majority of shipments.
Among French consumers deliveries to Paczkomaty ® parcel lockers and PUDO points have become popular as they are practical and economical, but especially because they are more environmentally friendly. The French also appreciate the benefits of short collection times, which require only a few seconds.
The InPost Group also has 3,200 parcel pick-up points in Spain. A new agreement with Galp, Spain's leading petrol station network with 570 locations, further supports service expansion and launch of the Paczkomaty® parcel locker network. Paczkomaty® parcel locker installations will begin in Spain's main cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Malaga.
InPost consistently extends its leading position in environmentally friendly solutions, and the Paczkomaty® parcel locker network expansion naturally contributes to reducing the carbon footprint throughout Europe. One Paczkomat® saves as much CO2 emissions per day as nine trees process annually. Fifty-two kilograms of CO2 is also the same as the daily commute of 44 people. Recognised certifications confirm the environmental effectiveness of implemented innovations. Mondial Relay in Spain is a signatory to the FEVAD environmental e-commerce card in accordance with the accepted commitment of EVCOM.

A stable leader in changing times
Despite numerous challenges, 2022 started well for InPost. The Group has grown and continues to increase its market share in key markets. At the same time, it achieved a record PLN 1.54 billion in sales. The group's strategy of geographic diversification, innovative service portfolio expansion and building further strategic partnerships allows InPost to consistently maintain its leading position in variable market conditions.

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