Reduces packaging by up to 90%

InPost, Europe’s leading ecommerce delivery platform, has teamed up with Modivo, the fashion retailer from CCC Group’s eobuwie.pl, to introduce Poland’s first reusable packaging system for online retailers. The service, which is currently in a test phase, will be able to reduce demand for packaging by as much as 90%.

After receiving their order, Modivo customers can return the package by visiting an Automated Parcel Machine and scanning a label to send it back to InPost, where it’s disinfected and then returned to the retailer. The packages are adjusted to the product size, further improving the efficiency of the shipping process. “Packaging is an Achilles’ heel of the ecommerce industry: every year hundreds of millions of single-use packages end up in landfills,” said InPost CEO Rafał Brzoska. “With the current pace of growth in ecommerce, there’s only one solution: logistics has to get greener, which is why we’ve introduced this system to make a real difference in the fight against waste.” Last year hundreds of millions of packages were sent in Poland, with only a fraction of the packaging being recycled. “As our business continues to grow, a sustainable approach is very important for us,” said Damian Zapłata, CEO of Modivo’s parent company eobuwie.pl, part of CCC Group. “Market research shows that consumers are increasingly concerned about the amount of packaging they use and are looking for ways to recycle, and this is also important for our employees. We’re proud to partner with InPost to address this challenge, making our contribution to the green revolution in ecommerce.” InPost’s 15,000 APMs, Poland’s largest network of parcel lockers, gives it a unique ability to operate a reusable packaging network, and the company hopes more retailers will join. “We’re confident that more of our ecommerce partners will sign on to this project,” Brzoska said. “We’d like to invite everyone who wants to make a difference to the environment to join us. The future is reusables.” The project is part of CCC Group’s sustainability strategy, which seeks to have a real impact by focusing on four areas: products, the environment, employees and society. “We’re working hard to introduce and promote eco-friendly brands and collections, because environmentally friendly materials and a sustainable approach to fashion are key for our brand,” Zapłata said. “We’ll soon be announcing more organisations and institutions we’ll be partnering with in 2022 to help the environment and society – not only in Poland, but also abroad. InPost’s Automated Parcel Machines are perceived by Polish consumers as the most environmentally-friendly delivery method for online purchases1 . The company’s analysis indicates that using an APM cuts CO2 emissions by as much as 75% compared to home delivery, reducing pollution by more than 180,000 tonnes in 2020 alone. InPost continues to develop and optimise its APM network, reducing urban car traffic, which helps improve air quality and protect the climate.
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