Service is Poland’s 2nd most popular ecommerce app

The InPost Mobile application has 9.3 million users, making it the country’s second most popular ecommerce app. Used by 24% of the country’s total population, the app allows users to send and receive parcels from the company’s Automated Parcel Machine (APM) locker sites, as well as delivering popular value-added services such as fast returns, extending APM pickup deadlines and selecting easily accessible lockers.

“The InPost Mobile app is at the heart of our communication with our customers, and its popularity is the best evidence of how we never stop working to introduce new services and make our existing services easier to use,” said InPost CEO Rafał Brzoska. “Customers appreciate that, and I can say with confidence that, in my opinion, no other logistics company in Europe has a better app for communication and customer relations. In creating our application we put our customers’ needs at the centre and built the infrastructure around them, and I’m proud that this has borne fruit in such a high position on the list of apps used in Poland.” At the beginning of the year InPost Mobile added a fast return function which allows users to send parcels back to merchants without needing to print out a label. After performing an intuitive function in the app, users can leave the parcel in any APM, after which they can track its journey back to the sender. InPost Mobile also offers the Easy Access Zone service for customers who have difficulty reaching higher or lower lockers, ensuring parcels are delivered to positions between 30 and 150 cm from the ground. The service, available exclusively through the app, was introduced in response to customer feedback. “After reaching this milestone we’re definitely not resting on our laurels; users of the app can expect even more new functionalities in the very near future,” Brzoska added.
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