The ECOReturns service allows users to donate unwanted clothes, shoes, books, toys or electrical equipment via any InPost device. Items returned via Paczkomat® will be donated to the Reclaim the Environment Foundation and reused or recycled. CCC became a partner of the effort.

At the end of last year, each Paczkomat® gained a new, pro-environmental functionality - it served as a place of returning used but functioning electrical and electronic equipment. Continuing the ideas of "zero waste" and "reuse", we have now expanded return categories to include unwanted clothes and shoes. Just go to https://szybkokiezwroty.pl/pl/EKOzwroty and then post the package at the nearest InPost machine. Your parcel will be picked up during the next courier visit. This solution is convenient for customers and helps take care of the environment.
InPost's ESG strategy, which aligns with CCC's vision, allowed us to work together to solve a frequent dilemma - what to do with functional items that are no longer being used. Together with CCC, we're extending the life of unwanted items. For this purpose, we're making available a tool familiar to Poles - the InPost Paczkomat® parcel locker. Each item shipped via Paczkomat® will be verified, sorted, and returned to market after proper preparation. Items that do not meet the standards will go to professional processing plants, which will allow maximum recovery of raw materials, says Sebastian Anioł,

Director of the Logistics Innovation Department.

Working with the Reclaim the Environment Foundation allows for proper management of returned items – apparel and footwear that are in good condition, will be donated to charity or will be resold after proper disinfection and any required repairs. Items damaged beyond repair will be largely recycled to obtain semi-finished goods to produce sustainable clothing.
CCC, as the EcoReturn service exclusive partner, is committed to granting 10% discounts to customers who join the campaign. The discount code will be sent via SMS after a package is posted via the InPost parcel locker and can be used online at www.ccc.eu
It is extremely important for us to show customers that even worn shoes as well as clothes, can be managed in a different, better way. Eco-returns are an opportunity for the clothing industry to minimize the negative impact on the environment. We want to take this opportunity. Our cooperation with InPost allows us to reduce the number of shoes and clothes going to landfills, and to this end, it introduces into our daily lives much needed elements of the circular economy, so important in the era of climate change, explains Agnieszka Kępińska-Sadowska, Managing Director of the Corporate

Communications and Sustainable Development Division at the CCC Group.

Eco-returns are one of the many pro-environmental initiatives implemented in recent months by InPost. The organizers expect the service will significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary waste. It is also a chance to give a second life to shoes and clothes in the wardrobe that may be helpful to those in need. This ecological and charitable synergy is possible thanks to the cooperation of InPost, CCC and the Reclaim the Environment Foundation.

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