InPost Group, Europe’s leading e-commerce enablement platform, has built Spain’s largest out-of-home e-commerce logistics network, reaching a total of 5,000 Automated Parcel Machine locker sites and pickup and drop off (PUDO) locations.

InPost has grown its environmentally friendly network in the Iberian county by 20% since the beginning of last year, part of an expansion drive that has also seen it set up 5,000 locker sites in the UK and 3,000 in France. Last year the Group’s revenues grew 54% year on year to a record €1.51 billion, including international sales.

“We are thrilled to announce the achievement of another milestone on the Spanish market – a milestone both for us and for Spanish consumers, because the bigger our network is, the more choices they have,” said Nicola D’Elia, InPost’s Managing Director, Southern Europe. “We’re giving people the opportunity to pick up their online purchases when and where they like. Significantly, the closer we get to people’s homes, the easier it is for them to visit our sites on foot or by bike, which makes our solution even more environmentally friendly.”

InPost, whose parcel lockers cut CO2 emissions by as much as 97% compared to door-to-door services, is targeting climate neutrality by 2040.

InPost is rolling out its locker system, developed in Poland, across the continent. In the UK, almost half of the residents of London, Birmingham and Manchester now live within seven minutes’ walk of an APM site. As in its home market, the company is expanding across Europe by adding locker sites not only in large cities but also in more rural areas, recently opening its 3,000th French site in the mountain resort town of Les Villards-sur-Thônes, with a population of less than 1,000.

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