Green Point

The parcel locker – a green point on the delivery map

We intend to lead sustainable change in logistics. As a market leader we act responsively and have in mind that we set targets not only for ourselves but also for competitors and our partners.
We want to continue to amaze people, using the potential of technology for the good of the planet.

Our Automated Parcel Machines offer the most environmentally friendly package delivery method. Our Logistics process means that deliveries to APMs allow a reduction of last-mile CO2 emissions by as much as 75% in comparison to traditional to-door deliveries. This not only helps reduced number of delivery vans required vs to-door, but also improves quality of life, health and safety in our cities. Imagine that every single APM deployed so far, reduces as much CO2 every day, as nine big trees during the whole year!

Eco Pick-up

Close to home and on your way

Choosing delivery to a parcel locker is important for the natural environment. The more devices available, the better for nature and all of us. That’s why we are constantly expanding our network. With more parcel lockers closer to our consumers, they can pick up their parcels while running other errands, while out for a walk or on a bike ride.

Approximately 59% of the Polish population have a walking distance of less than 7 minutes to any APM in Q4 2022. 48% have a walking distance of less than 5 minutes and 27% having a walking distance of less than 3 minutes. We put parcel lockers wherever they are - close to places where you live, work, and spend your free time.

Fleet Tracks icon

We are investing in sustainable vehicles

We are switching to electric cars because we want our deliveries to protect the environment. To further improve eco-friendly solutions, we aim to roll out an increasing number of electric vehicles in our delivery fleet in the short term. We already have a fleet of 463 EVs, and we plan to raise that number to 1,000 by the end of 2023.. Lower CO2 emissions, operational savings or simply better air quality in cities every day – we invest in technologies that affect the quality of our lives. We also plan to build a network of EV chargers!

We operate based on ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and 9001, ISO 28000. ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).

Our ECO numbers in Poland
66% icon
reduced CO2 emissions in urban areas compared to delivery directly to your home
14 tons icon
of CO2 is reduced annually by one Parcel Locker. It’s as if it did the job of 2000 pine trees converting CO2 into oxygen!
62% icon
of customers collect parcels from a parcel locker while running other errands.