Welcome to INPOST webpages. The company is already 20 years on the market and during its existence has become a major processor of meat and meat products in the Czech Republic. It owns and operates a network of stores, meat and sausages in Moravia and western Slovak, which offers a daily assortment of fresh pork and beef, sausages, cheeses and frozen poultry.

We make the deliveries for restaurants, hotels, canteens seniors‘ homes, boarding houses, etc. We are able to its customers on any day of the year at a time agreed to provide the goods required. For this purpose we have developed a wide number of own and hired transport.


  Storage services



- Renting of cooling and cold stores
- Storage of chilled and frozen goods
- Storage in the warehouse netemperovaném
- Unloading of palletized goods, manual unloading of the container
- Logistics services
- Rental of premises for business purposes
- Geographic location near Uheském Hradiste, Kunovice

Contact us:  

+420 602 749 354

Sale of meat
and meat products